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  • Pytanie do ekspertów o termin psychologiczny

    Autor: nyckelpiga   Data: 2024-01-23, 14:34:04               Odpowiedz

    Dzień dobry,
    jestem w trakcie tłumaczenia tekstu i nie potrafię znaleźć polskiego określenia na termin 'symptom choice'.
    Otrzymałam parę odpowiedzi od anglojęzycznych ekspertów, które idealnie pasują do kontekstu tłumaczonego przeze mnie tekstu.

    - Symptom choice in psychology is a way of understanding how people choose which symptoms of a disorder to display. It is based on the idea that people have some control over which symptoms they show, and that this choice is based on the person"s beliefs, goals, and values. For example, someone with depression might choose to display symptoms like fatigue and lethargy, but not symptoms like irritability or anxiety.

    - In psychology, "symptom choice" generally refers to a phenomenon where an individual, consciously or unconsciously, selects or emphasizes specific symptoms or behaviors when expressing distress. This can happen during assessments or when describing one's mental health.
    For example, someone might emphasize certain symptoms that they believe align with a particular diagnosis, potentially influenced by their knowledge of mental health conditions or societal expectations. It's important for mental health professionals to consider various factors, including cultural influences and individual differences, when interpreting reported symptoms.

    Understanding symptom choice can aid clinicians in making accurate diagnoses and tailoring treatment plans to address the unique needs of each individual.

    - It"s the tendency or pattern of an individual to choose certain symptoms or certain behaviors to express distress.

    For example, someone experiencing anxiety may choose constantly seeking reassurance from others as their way of managing their anxiety.

    Symptom choice is a subconscious way for individuals to cope with their psychological difficulties. It can vary from person to person, because different individuals may choose different behaviors to deal with their struggles.

    Understanding symptom choice can be valuable in therapy, it helps psychologists and therapists gain insights into the underlying issues and emotions that individuals are dealing with. It's easier to develop healthier coping mechanisms and find more effective ways to manage their psychological distress if you can find the root of the issue.

    I jeszcze ChatGPT:
    In psychology, "symptom choice" typically refers to the idea that individuals may consciously or unconsciously choose certain symptoms or behaviors to express their psychological distress. It suggests that the way people manifest their emotional or mental struggles can be influenced by various factors, such as cultural expectations, personal experiences, or the desire for attention and support.

    In simpler terms, symptom choice implies that when people experience emotional difficulties, they may select specific symptoms or behaviors to communicate their distress, and these choices can be shaped by a variety of factors in their lives. It's a concept that highlights the complex interplay between psychological issues and the ways individuals express or cope with them.

    Wygląda na to, że jest to dosłownie wybór symptomów, ale nic takiego nie mogę znaleźć.
    Czy ktoś z Państwa, ekspertów, mógłby wskazać mi odpowiednie, przyjęte w polskiej terminologii psychologicznej, określenie?